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Three tips for the DIY Photographer you should know TODAY

Being a photographer can be tons of fun and incredibly enjoyable when you see the final outcome of your work. Here are a few extra tips to know when you step into that creative avenue whether its taking photos of your business, your products or even just showing others how much fun your day can be.

1. Stop info overloading and start doing

It can be overwhelming sometimes all the techniques and tricks to taking good photos but really the way to learn and have fun is to get outside and take tons of photos. Learning what you can change after taking and viewing a series of shots is really the best way to get better. Dont be afraid to ask other to critique your work. After all, not everyone will love your work but not everyone will tell you if they like it. Get out there and create! Its better to create something that looks sub par than to not create anything and wish you had.

2. Dont focus on equipment or others equipment

Its easy to think if you bought the best camera and the most expensive lens that your photos will be amazing and that's not really true. My suggestion: Get so good at photography that YOU out perform your camera and WANT to upgrade, not the other way around. (phone cameras dont count) The newer mirrorless cameras from Canon and Sony are unreal in quality and options but if you dont know the foundations of photography then your camera outperforms you. Color theory, composition and lighting are key to nailing that amazing shot. Once you know the foundations, then and only then are you able to break the rules and get more experimental with your photos.

3. Dont overlook post production

Shooting in RAW is always the best option for editing. Lightroom, Capture One and Photoshop should be as much of a part of photography than taking the photos is. My suggestion: Dont waste time in junky phone apps that put filters on peoples faces that make them look like plastic dolls and spend more time fine tuning and understanding what edits look classy and classic vs junky filters that look like it. Shoot in RAW not jpeg. Take photos you know you will adjust in post. Experiment with shooting at different times of the day so you can raise the shadows and reduce the highlights in post. Have fun with it!

As a photographer of over 16 years of experience, I've come to see trends get popular and then fizzle out. One trend that will never fizzle out is the foundation of lighting and camera settings that all good professional photographers know. Once you know the fundamentals, taking pictures get more and more fun over years of nailing the exposure and getting that composition just right.

Or you could just hire a reliable photographer and get great results every time.

Featured photos: Glo Atanmo

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